Tyre sales

A UK based company- Tyre sales is expert in getting you the best deal on tyres. This is an excellent initiative taken to help people choosing the right tyre at lower price. Through this site, you can easily find out the best deal of your choice.

Why Tyre sales?

Tyre sales lets people search by three categories- vehicle, size and brand. With this easy search option, getting the perfect deal is as simple as that. There are so many uncountable reasons for why one should buy from Tyre sales. The major reason is- it enables purchaser to save up to 50% on tyres of his choice. Along with offering lower prices, it makes it easier for customers to purchase online. Now, the question is, how does it offer genuine tyres at such low prices? Well, you should not doubt on the quality of the tyres. Of course it offers quality tyres at unbelievable prices- but not by sacrificing the quality of tyres. They cut the cost by operating a business which is 100% online. Thus this allows them to lower the overhead and then they pass the savings on to the customers. This wise business strategy made them stand out.

Benefits of buying from Tyre sales

You can buy tyres from Tyre sales with confidence. Because they offer an extensive service including fitting and balancing. Not just that- they also give a 12 month warranty.

Again, they have thousands of fitment locations across Australia. So you can experience a hassle free purchasing through getting services from over 1000 accredited Tyre sales dealers.

They also offer a 12 month roadside assistance and in exchange, you have to pay nothing. This absolutely free service makes you more confident to buy from Tyre sales.

Anywhere across Australia, if you get any puncture, they will get back to you in no time. And will fix your problem as soon as possible.

They also offer free rewards card which allows purchaser to save up to 40% on everyday purchase. They often announce special offers. Such as, if one purchases 4 tyres online, he will get a free service gift voucher worth $50.

The most attractive part of this website is a box called “Tyre sales deal of the day”- which changes every day and highlights the best deal of a particular day. There it shows the most discounted tyre and its specification. This often offers discount up to 90%. Nevertheless, savings are always good for your pocket.

Tyre sales understand their customer demands and work accordingly to help them find out the best deal in no time.

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