Hankook Tyre’s Environmentally Efficient Kinergy Eco Is ‘Best Buy’, Says Which?

Leading consumer reviews magazine, Which? has showered accolades on Hankook’s Kinergy Eco radial. The media publication calls this tyre the current ‘Best Buy’ in the market.

Hankook Tire’s Environmentally Efficient Kinergy Eco Is Best Buy  Says Which

Hankook Surpasses All

Hankook Tyres is yet again in news for its continual growth as a tyre manufacturer. It was recently in news for bagging sixth position, right below Pirelli, in this year’s tyre manufacturer rankings. This time it’s in news for one of its tyres being awarded the much-coveted ‘Best Buy’ title from Which?

The Dawn of a New Era

Hankook Tire first launched its innovative Kinergy Eco radial back in 2011, heralding an entirely new era in the European tyre manufacturing segment. It features enhanced rolling resistance as a key characteristic; and Which? tested and acclaimed the radial in the size categories of 14” and 15”. This Hankook tyre, during the course of the test, marched ahead of 15 leading industry products in the category.

A Challenging Test for Kinergy Eco

The consumer reviews publication reported that it bought a set of Hankook Kinergy Eco tyres from a regular retailer, and tested it in the 14” and 15” size category, appropriate for small and medium/compact cars respectively. The tests measured the stopping abilities of these tyres as well as their traction on both, wet and dry surfaces. The tyre’s grip on the road was assessed, as also its resistance to hydroplaning. Moreover, noise levels and tyre wear and tear were considered too.

Which? said that the 14” Kinergy Eco radial emerged as “top of the class” under wet climatic conditions, establishing its safety and predictability, and impressive braking grip and traction. The tyre performed impressively under dry conditions as well, and turned out to be the quietest 14-inch radial among those tested.

The 15” Kinergy Eco secured an overall highest score in the entire test field and thus proved the capabilities of its tyre architecture and tread pattern.

Hankook Kinergy Eco – A Tyre With a Difference

Tony Lee, MD, Hankook Tyre UK, expressed that Which? is a widely recognised entity, particularly for its ability to efficiently assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. He added that their tyre underwent rigorous tests and analyses before its ability to deliver exceptional performance was established.

The Kinergy Eco is truly a state-of-the-art passenger car tyre accommodating future standards. It accomplishes high fuel efficiency via its significantly reduced rolling resistance. The tyre also comprises an innovative anti-vibration technology that delivers ultimate comfort and high efficiency.

Hankook chose the name Kinergy Eco for two reasons. Kinergy stands for ‘Kinetic Energy’, meaning energy of motion. Jin-Wook Choi, European Chief and Executive VP, Hankook Tire, expressed that tyre buyers are turning more environmentally conscious and want their tyres to offer better fuel efficiency. Since this tyre exceeds expectations in this criterion, the word ‘Eco’ was included in its nomenclature.

The Hankook Kinergy Eco is used as original equipment on passenger cars manufactured by leading names in the automobile sector. The VW Group uses these as OE on its Golf, Polo, Up! and Caddy; Skoda Fabia, Kia’s Soul and Cee’d, and the i30 and i40 from Hyundai also fit these as original fitments.

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